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Why Plant Party for your next Team Build!?

Team builds can be boring, especially when there's only drinking involved. Many Austin companies are now seeing the correlation to employee performance and building up a team. See why Forbes says Team Building is the Most Important Investment You'll Make.  Out of all the options out there, we remain planted as one of employers favorites. Here's why... facebook social team pictured   With so much engagement in our class, we hold your teams attention through their own creativity. In the workforce, giving creative freedom isn't always available. This is truly a unique experience, because not only are people using thier own expression, they're playing in dirt! and plants. Things that aren't normally associated with work. There is an element of therapy in getting your...

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Mexicana: A Local Mexicana Artist Pop Party + Plant Sale

Celebrate Deiz y Seis for Mexican Independence Day Saturday's Sale y Diez y Seis Fiesta!  Bring your plant-lovah friends complimentary 🍹tequila sips from Favorite Brands, LLC + tamale bites! + 📿 Lys Santamaria beaded art & jewelry                     + 🌵🌵 Katie Cowden // Killer Queen Designs laser-cut cacti jewelry                     + 🌸👑🌸 Las Ofrendas pose in the greens like #frida with flora crowns + ✍🏼 Vogue Vignette drawing you live from 2-5p (#frida unibrow requests accepted ;))                                                      ...

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