Why Plant Party for your next Team Build!?

Team builds can be boring, especially when there's only drinking involved. Many Austin companies are now seeing the correlation to employee performance and building up a team. See why Forbes says Team Building is the Most Important Investment You'll Make. 

Out of all the options out there, we remain planted as one of employers favorites. Here's why...

facebook social team pictured  

With so much engagement in our class, we hold your teams attention through their own creativity. In the workforce, giving creative freedom isn't always available. This is truly a unique experience, because not only are people using thier own expression, they're playing in dirt! and plants. Things that aren't normally associated with work. There is an element of therapy in getting your hands a little dirty and working with real texture and colors of nature. 

each team member sits down to a tray, tools of the trade and choice of 3 plants and glasswares

We can accommodate up to 15 people with an Onsite Plant Party in our East Side Studio and we also offer Offsite Plant Parties  where we bring the Terrarium Bar to you. 

Onsite, byob and snacks are welcome.

We ask that you let us know ahead of time if you're planning on catering. We are limited on space and want to make sure we have the right table space for all your goodies!

 Our November and December dates fill quickly, so now's the time to start scheduling your Christmas parties! 

Preschedule right online.

Pay and Schedule your party in less than 5 minutes. 

Party planners, we make it easy to book with us...just find the date and time that  works best for your team, tap the date on our online calendar (updated in real time), select the amount of builders and click to checkout. 

We reserve occasional Thursday evenings for those of you who need later-in-the-day availability. Just ask!

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