Who We Are

Established in 2010, Plant Party (formerly Slavonk & Hortus) is a terrarium studio and plant shop owned by plant enthusiast Keri Anderson. Plant Party offers a range of products and services, including deliverable terrariums, succulent & houseplants, unique pottery, unique plant workshops and event plant rentals with partner Party at The Moontower Event Rentals.

Owner Keri Anderson previously worked as a barista and promoted display pieces of her terrarium hobby in at Fair Bean Coffee. One day, a mesmerized coffee-regular offered to buy one of her hand-made terrariums, commenting it was the one of the most unique crafts she had seen. Inspired by the glow that terrariums bring into an otherwise drab space, Keri decided to share her hobby with everyone by embarking on her full-time career with Slavonk & Hortus.


As the idea gained momentum, Keri worked from home and began supplying terrariums to Whole Foods Market. In 2014, she established her first studio and production room, a huge step forward for her local business. Since then, the studio has hosted dozens of classes, set up a full-fledged terrarium bar, expanded to plant and space rentals and provided customers with customizable products for occasions ranging from birthdays to weddings. In these Plant Parties, the main focus is to share the art of nature and encourage everyone to play in their creativity. People passing in the "Builds" will play in substrates and textures, experience different patterns and plant forms and be able to create his or her own personal landscape.


Plant Party continues to grow in its offerings and customer base, but the same vibes remain: We want to play in design with the life of plants and nature – and we know our customers do too.