Plant Subscription (12 Months Prepaid)
Plant Subscription (12 Months Prepaid)

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Plant Subscription (12 Months Prepaid)

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Are you a plant lover with an eye for new botanicals? 

Want to send a gift to a plant friend? 

We got you!

Sign up for our monthly Plant Subscription and receive a 4-5" plant with care instructions and plant identification.

We'll always include care instrutions and a design-forward pottery every time! 

 Pet Friendly will include a mix of houseplants/succulents/airplants that are friendly to your furry friends! 

 Air Plants will include either a mix of different 2-3” species or a 4-5” large tilly (tillandsia) 

 Tropical Houseplant will include a 4-5” potted plant (we try to source unique!)

 Succulent/Cacti includes 4-5” potted plant 

(we source the most healthy, most beautiful!)

Mix it Up!

A mix of the three options, Air Plants, Tropical House Plant and Succulent/Cacti